How to get more YES from inquiries

Do you hear "No thanks" a lot? You're not alone!



Do you recognise yourself in this?
  • The first question you get from your clients are "How much does it cost?"
  • Sometimes you don't hear back from a inquire
  • You want to book more photoshoots than you do today

You're not alone! 

It's impossible to keep track of everything in your business. After working 11 years as a full-time photographer, I've learnt a lot of strategies that actually works. Many of my students have tried the advices from this guide, and it actually works!


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  • Emelie Ohlsson, born 1987 in Helsingborg, Sweden. 
  • Full-time photographer since 2008
  • Photographs maternity & weddings, last year I did over 60 paid maternity shoots, and I've been photographing nearly 200 weddings.
  • I educate photographers mainly in marketing.
  • My fire started when I survived the tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand in 2004. I lost my sister Paulina (9) and now I cherish her memory by fulfilling all my dreams. Her name on my arm reminds me to LIVE, every day. 
  • On my free time, I save cats in Greece, in the future I will open a shelter for homeless cats. 

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